September 25, 2018

Cyber Security Alumni to Hold 2-Day Training at Black Hat Under New Startup Antimatter Security, LLC

Antimatter Security LLC

Cyber Security alumni have created a startup company for penetration testing called AntiMatter Security, LLC.

The team consists of William Peterson (Network Security, Technology Forensics), Stephen Chicosky (Network Security, Network Engineering), Kenny Welch (Network Security), Roger Brambila (Network Security, Advancing Computer Science) and Roger Allen (Network Security, Advancing Computer Science) all who earned their degrees from UAT. These students have been to Black Hat Briefings as paid volunteers in the past. This year, they will return to the conference as trainers teaching two 2-day classes they developed called “Attacks Over GSM With Project Mayhem.”

Attacks over GSM with Project Mayhem at Black Hat

Participants will immerse themselves in the world of hacking while learning new attack techniques to help defend networks. They will also learn to combine Red Team and Pen-tester prowess to create a less common attack tool, a device that participants will build at the training and can take home with them. With the new Project Mayhem Kit, it’s easier to think like a hacker thinks, engaging in a live environment with an innovative attack tool that you will build and deploy. In this completely hands-on training, you will demonstrate your new abilities to hack air-gapped systems and bypass perimeter defenses over a GSM network.

A lot of credible information will be disseminated at the training including the following topics: Configuring Mayhem Kit, Basic Scripting Logic, Windows Exploitation, Linux Exploitation, Bypassing Perimeter Defense Systems, Social Engineering Concepts, Covert Concealment and Placement Techniques, Red Team Activity, Data Extraction, Isolating and Exploiting the Target and more.

The training sessions are already sold out. More information on the class can be found here.

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