September 25, 2017

NSA’s Cooperative Education Program

Deadline = May 15 for College freshman and sophomores studying computer science or engineering can submit their applications at, Job ID #1017273.

Cooperative Education Program
Cooperative Education students gain valuable experience while playing a meaningful role in the development of our nation’s secure communications or in the production of foreign intelligence. Programs are available for students majoring in Computer Science and Electrical or Computer Engineering. Right from the start, you will be involved in real life projects and will have full use of NSA labs, equipment and advanced technologies. These areas will offer you increasing challenges and satisfying learning experiences, since our mission demands that we work on the cutting edge of technology.

As a participant in NSA’s Co-op Program, you will earn a competitive salary and enjoy full benefits, to include travel reimbursement, tuition assistance, and more. You will operate under a rotational program, alternating semesters of full-time work with full-time study from entry into the program until graduation. We require a minimum of 52 weeks of Co-op work experience prior to graduation.

During your tour, you will work a regular 40-hour week. Each work tour is designed to reveal the specific areas you may want to focus on as a career. Qualifications include a major in Computer Science or Computer/Electrical Engineering in a four-year program with a preferred GPA of 3.0. For Engineering, the college or university must be ABET accredited. You can submit an application to the Co-op Program early in your sophomore year with work tours beginning after completion of your sophomore year.

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