October 21, 2018

Computer Network Security Degree

Cyber Security Students Take 3rd Place for Injects – WRCCDC Qualifier

UAT Cyber Security students participating in WRCCDC - Please do not disturb!

Last Saturday was extremely busy at UAT. We hosted the UAT Experience, the Phoenix Global Game Jam, and hidden on the second floor in the UAT Cyber Warfare Range, the WRCCDC Qualifier was in progress, as 14 collegiate teams representing California and Arizona competed for the coveted 8 spots for the West Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (WRCCDC) in March 2016. Last fall UAT Cyber Security students also participated in the November WRCCDC Invitational, with eight Cyber Security Degree/Network Security Degree students who competed, seven of them participating for the first time. Eight UAT cyber security students, plus a White Team judge spent 6 hours defending a virtual business…

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12 Network Security “White Hat” Hackers You Should Know

White Hat Hackers

The White Hat Heroes that walk among us are the cyber security experts who are looking for trouble. “White Hat” network security researchers are considered ethical hackers whose discoveries and inventions protect and defend against the underground “Black Hat” hackers. Thank you Network World for getting the word out that there are more than one kind of hacker out there. Robert “RSnake” Hansen Greg Hoglund Dan Kaminsky Zane Lackey Marc Maiffret Charlie Miller HD Moore Joanna Rutkowska Sherri Sparks Joe Stewart Christopher Tarnovsky Dino Dao Zovi Read more in this NetworkWorld article. To learn how to become a “white hat” hacker, go…

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