October 21, 2018

Importance of Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Blog post by Business Technology Professor Mark Smith In both your professional and personal life you will need to develop your emotional intelligence IQ which is usually referred to as your (EQ). Communication is key to success in any relationship so it is very important to hone this skill of understanding the emotional state around the person that you are interacting with. An example of this is seeing someone that you want to communicate with is sad, you will naturally change your approach in how you open your conversation with them because you can visibly see they’re sad. The same…

Game Students Keep Communication Flowing with Scrum Management Tool, Axosoft

Programming Jam

Photo: Kenny Ryan (left) checks the Axosoft to-do list with Crimson Nights artist Terrence Miller. The UAT Game Studios class brings together students from different disciplines such as game programming, game design, art and animation and digital video to develop video games from the initial concept to a completed work. For every game dev project, each team member has their own set of responsibilities and must meet specific milestones to completion along the way. At UAT, students may work physically on campus or virtually from their homebase as online students. No matter what the students’ physical location, everyone needs to communicate and…

Experience Leadership Program

Experience Leadership Program

Higher Education is all about the EXPERIENCE! Are you kind, helpful, outgoing and eager to share your experience with new students? Then you have what it takes to be an EXL Leader! Experience Leadership Program (EXL) Being a part of the Experience Leadership Program as an Experience(EXL) Leader means that you are one of the first contacts first year incoming students meet when they arrive on campus. Now that you’ve been an active student at UAT for at least one semester, we are thrilled that you are considering the opportunity to be an EXL Leader yourself. What will you gain? Develop…