October 21, 2018

Professor Jill Brumand’s Sustainable Waste Activity Grew Wheels

Sustainability Class Project

Professor Jill Brumand asked her students to bring in trash to their Sustainability in Practice class on Thursday, Oct. 5. Why, you might wonder? Good question! Professor Brumand wanted the students to learn the value of “cradle-to-cradle” concepts which encourage students to see what is traditionally classified as waste as something that can be inputs into a new system. This also helps support students’ ability to innovate and work toward a goal with a scarcity of traditional resources. The activity grouped students randomly and each group had to work through looking at what materials they had to building a functional…

Innovative Challenge Issued by Provost at UAT Connect

UAT Connect Innovation Challenge 3d Printed Trophy

Last week, UAT welcomed a new class of enthusiastic technology students to the Tempe campus. Before the fall semester begins, students move into the resident dormitory UAT Founder’s Hall and participate in Connect Orientation to get to know the campus and other students. This year, Provost Dr. Dave Bolman presented each team of students with a challenge. The challenge was to create an innovative project that would be judged by him and the program champions by Wednesday of the first week of class. The criteria was to impress the judges with the design, be complete, overcome obstacles and work as…

AZ TechCelerator Student Innovation Challenge

AZ TechCelerator

AZ TechCelerator and UAT have partnered in offering a chance at a full year of rent and support at the AZ TechCelerator office in Surprise, Arizona. UAT students are faced with the challenge of creating their own SIP (Student Innovation Project) by the time they graduate. This opportunity gives students even more incentive to innovate amidst competition from other students. Students will present their projects in front of a panel of judges where they will be asked five¬†general questions. The winner will get free office rental for one year, access to workshops, and support from incubator coaches and mentors. Learn…