July 16, 2018

See Through Walls With Wi-Fi Devices

Superman See Through Walls with Wifi Devices

Cutting edge technology now gives Superman some competition. Scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab have developed a device that uses WiFi signals to effectively see through walls and other obstacles, with the ability to identify which persons are standing behind it.

This new technology coined RF Capture, is enhanced version of previous methods of capturing movements across a house – technology used by mothers to see their baby’s breathing and firefighters to determine if there are survivors in a burning building.

MIT RF Capture with WiFi Device with silhouette

MIT RF Capture with WiFi Device with silhouette

How does RF Capture work? 

RF-Capture works by transmitting wireless signals that, upon hitting a person standing behind a wall, are reflected off various body parts and then back to the device for analysis to piece together the whole image of people.

  • RF-Capture transmits radio waves that pass through physical objects
  • Radio signals reflect off whatever is on the other side and bounce back to RF-Capture
  • RF-Capture measures the intensity of the waves, among other variables
  • The device then uses a “coarse-to-fine algorithm” to create an accurate silhouette

The video below shows how researchers captured consecutive time snapshots, before constructing the human silhouette.

Researchers, as us at UAT, are excited about the future applications that this kind of wireless technology could provide.

It’s incredible to think that lives could be saved with this sort of technology. Consider “an in-home device that can call 911 if it is capable of detecting that a family member has fallen unconscious” in a fire.

RF Capture could also have applications in motion capture, allowing filmmakers to dispense with those silly sensor-covered suits currently in use by performers for doing special effects sequences.

Article reposted from Hacker News: MIT Scientists: Now You Can See Through Walls with WiFi


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