July 18, 2018

Getting an Artificial Intelligence Degree at UAT

Will humans live on Mars? Will we have enough water? Will AI outsmart humans? It’s tough to predict the future. But if predicting and shaping the future of technology can help make that future a better one for everyone, then it is a worthwhile pursuit. That’s why we launched an artificial intelligence degree program here at the University of Advancing Technology more than 10 years ago and continue to push boundaries today and tomorrow. “We’ve been teaching AI for years under the artificial life moniker because we know how important life forms and distributed programming are for AI constructs,” UAT…

At the Russian Science-Technology Geek Picnic Festival

My Talk at Geek Picnic

Wow! I just returned from Russia and 10,000 people attended the Geek Picnic Festival! I enjoyed the workshops in makerspace, robotics and also wearable computing – they were great! I met wonderful people and many students interested in the future of science and technology – artificial life, AGI, uploading, brain systems, and more. It was a great experience!   Link to this post!Related PostsMetal 3D Printing for the Masses The Switch from Canon to Sony How to Become a Video Game Producer at EA 4 Industries AR is Shaking Up How to Create an Android App from an iOS App