October 23, 2017

UAT Announces the Return of the Virtual Reality Degree

Virtual Reality Degree at University of Advancing Technology

UAT’s Virtual Reality Degree Makes a Comeback 25 Years Later The world of Virtual Reality (VR) has been around for decades. Over 25 years ago, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) led the country as the first university in the nation to offer a fully accredited degree in Virtual Reality. Having been created in 1991, the initial VR degree offering may have been a bit before its time, but UAT is pleased to announce that the Virtual Reality degree is back and available to students for the 2016 fall semester. What is Virtual Reality (VR)? Virtual Reality is a computer-generated simulation…

10 Awesome Reasons to Play Pokémon Go

Reasons to play PokemonGo at UAT

At University of Advancing Technology, we’ve seen an invasion of Pokémon Go hunters roaming the campus in search of Pokémon since the game was released on July 6. In speaking with Professor Maureen Beam, we came up with ten awesome reasons to play Pokémon Go! Please see our ideas below. 1. Helps with depression and anxiety Many students have commented on how the game has helped them make new friends and overcome depression and the social anxiety that comes from meeting someone for the first time. There is an instant bond when you are playing Pokémon Go and see groups of other…

Pokémon GO Invades UAT

PokemonGO invades UAT

Pokémon GO was released a week ago and already local businesses are reporting profit gains, social media is creating hilariously relatable memes and news outlets are reporting on the unique situations ordinary citizens – turned “Pokémon hunters” have encountered. The game’s popularity shot to the top of the App store in a matter of hours. It’s no longer a question of who is playing Pokémon GO, but who’s not playing Pokémon GO. Here at UAT, we’re no different. In fact, we have three Poké Stops on campus and usually one stop has a lure, or a lure module, which causes more Pokémon…