May 27, 2017

UAT Students Playtest Alumni Game at VR Release Party

UnderEarth by CrackerJame Games, UAT Game Studios alumni

CrackerJack Games LLC paid a visit to alma matter University of Advancing Technology to hold the first public demo of UnderEarth at an Alumni Video Game Release Party on May 19, 2016. UnderEarth is an immersive, first-person puzzle game available to play on both PC and Oculus Rift, slated to launch sales on Steam in June. The UnderEarth team flew in to Arizona from different states for the essential opportunity to gain real-time reactions and feedback from the active gaming community, what better place to find such a devoted pool of game enthusiasts, but at UAT! Game synopsis: Following Valvorta…

CrossRealm – Cross-Discipline Filmmaking Innovation

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Hollywood filmmakers such as Peter Jackson and James Cameron have spent many years and many millions of dollars developing systems that would allow them to preview in real time the visual effects for their blockbuster films. UAT undergrads replicated their results using off-the-shelf components, the Unreal game engine, some ingenuity, and a ton of hard work. The project was called “CrossRealm” and involved students from the Digital Video, Game Art, Game Design, and Game Programming majors all working together to accomplish something new. This is what the spirit of innovation is all about at UAT! After a bit of post-production,…