May 27, 2017

Create a jQuery Website in a Day


jQuery and HTML5 are taking over the web. The combination of both make it so easy to create dynamic websites that look like the heavier Flash websites of the past. Base Creative UK has set up a website with a great tutorial on how to create a jQuery website in less than a day. Using the jQuery Javascript Library, jQuery UI Widgets, and some jQuery syntax, you can create a nice looking website that can be built upon. Check out the tutorial on the jQuery Site In A Day website. Related PostsUAT Alumni Launch Jetstreame Studios Google Using Copyright Removals…

Students Mario Castaneda and Ty Taylor Win PAX 10 Award


UAT student Mario Castaneda, along with development partner Ty Taylor, have won a place in the PAX 10 indie awards for their game The Bridge. With graphics inspired by M. C. Escher, and strategy that pays homage to Isaac Newton, The Bridge is a 2D logic game that lets players explore seemingly impossible architectures. The PAX 10 winners are selected by a group of 50 industry experts each year. The Bridge recently won the Indie Game Challenge Award for Achievement in Art Direction and Achievement in Gameplay, as well as other awards. View the other PAX 10 winners at…