May 27, 2017

AZ Tech Beat Visits UAT on #ExposeTheAwesome Tour

Expose the Awesome

UAT was the last stop on AZ Tech Beat‘s #ExposeTheAwesome Tour, where they had a neat idea to interview cool companies in various technology fields throughout the summer. We had a busy day planned for AZTB Editor Tishin Donkersley, Community Manager Ryan Loebe and Film Intern Xavier Smith, but we knew they were ready for it! First, they sat down with Provost Dr. David Bolman to find out why UAT is unique and how access to great technology molds our students into innovators for the future. Dr. Bolman had no trouble expressing his enthusiasm for technology and how important UAT is to…

Blade Runner Update

Blade Runner at London Olympics

Last month, this blog previewed the 2012 Summer Olympic performance of South African sprint runner Oscar Pistorius, who was set to run in the 400 meter and 4×400 meter relay events. Pistorius and his teammates fared well in the relay, coming in 8th with a time of 3.03.46, a few seconds short of the Bahamian team’s gold-winning 2.56.72. In his solo 400 meters semifinal race, Pistorius ran 46.54, coming in 8th behind eventual gold medalist Kirani James of Grenada. Pistorius will also compete in the 2012 Summer Paralympics, which kick off later this month in London. Watch the 400 meters race…

Shape the World: Aldebaran Robotics

aldebaran robotics

Aldebaran Robotics is hiring! Aldebaran is recruiting the best engineering, talents to join it’s humanoid robots’ dream team! What we are looking for? Passionate and creative people, experts, ambitious, able to think “out of the box”, convinced that Robotics is the next big thing. Are you searching for an innovative anf off-the-wall company, where we are building the future right now? You want to take up the challenges offered by robotics and shape the world? Check out our roles and career opportunities, and join us!   Link to this post!Related PostsProgramming Students Adopt a Robotic Dog G33K Squad Competes…

NASA Mars Rover Landing Free on Xbox Live


Want to get a taste of what it’s like to burn through the atmosphere on a NASA spacecraft? Xbox and NASA have teamed up to develop “Mars Rover Landing,” a skills game in which you use Kinect motion sensors to guide the rover Curiosity to land on Mars and successfully reach a target. The on demand game is available in 18 different languages. Download it for free on Xbox Live. File size is a modest 496MB. Link to this post!Related PostsFuture You University Returns to UAT Try Virtual Reality at Tempe Geeks Night Out PHX Startup Week Presents Silicon Valley…

The Future of Robotics and AI


In celebration of Alan Turing’s 100th birthday, Google has a Turing Machine Doodle.  Wired has a retrospective on Turing‘s influence on computing, and a discussion of the validity of the Turing Test for machine intelligence. On a much more optimistic note, the Between the Lines blog has a great article on the near future of robotics and AI, with opinions by computing pioneers such as Peter Norvig and Judea Pearl. Link to this post!Related PostsRecent TV Programing Correlates to UAT Degrees

Cheap Wireless Arduino Programming


The engineers at NoMi Design have just released a neat design for programming your Arduino wirelessly using only a handful of inexpensive parts.  The design uses remote control infrared emitters and receivers to send the program to an Arduino. The downside is that the target Arduino must use the SuperDuplex bootloader (which requires an ISP programmer), and the range is limited to a few feet of line-of-sight.  However, this is a great solution for those times when you have to program a microcontroller in application, or hard to take apart. Link to this post!Related PostsCongrats Spring SIP Fair Winners Student…