July 23, 2017

Students Display Innovative Problem Solving in “Thinking Strategies” Class

Innovational Challenge

Digital Maker and Fabrication (DMF) Professor Spencer Nelson gave his Thinking Strategies class a challenging assignment. They were asked to design a device or method to be able to “tie” tennis shoe laces with one hand. The device was judged on speed and ease of use. The tie did not have to be a traditional knot, but it had to get the laces out of the way. There are many reasons why a person may only have the use of one hand to tie their shoes so this is a real problem that millions of people face every day. Each team creatively…

New OUYA Console and Controller Designs Revealed

OUYA has revealed new photos of the console and controller, with some design tweaks inevitable. For one, the buttons on the controller are not the final design. The new photo shows colored circles which will probably incorporate some type of textural design. The OUYA crew also announced OnLive will offer playable titles from over 80 publishers, with free demos and 30 minutes of playtime. More at the OUYA Kickstarter campaign. UH5UU7Z64BA4 Link to this post!Related PostsUAT Game Studios Host Summer Greenlight Celebration Summer Game Jam at UAT Game Design Student Ranked Top 8 in VR Tournament – Finals This Weekend!…

3D Printed Micro-Cars

3D Printed Cars

These tiny 3D Printed cars are 2cm long and have real moving wheels and doors! So tiny! So cute! You can download the design and order them from Shapeways. This is the mid size model — 2 cm long. Watch the video below: Link to this post!Related PostsFuture You University Returns to UAT ‘Props Through 3D Printing’ Panel at WonderCon featuring 3D Printed Starlord Mask Try Virtual Reality at Tempe Geeks Night Out PHX Startup Week Presents Silicon Valley VC, Tim Draper at UAT “When Elephants Fight” Screening at UAT