June 26, 2017

  • New DV Work: STRANGER THINGS – Title Sequence Re-Creation

    A from-scratch re-creation of the Stranger Things title sequence, created by student Jake Turocy for DVA254 Motion Graphics class. You can check out some behind the scenes details about the real title sequence here, and watch Jake’s version below. Link to this post!

  • Greenlight Celebration

    UAT Game Studios Host Summer Greenlight Celebration

    Do you love video games? Our Game Studios students not only love to play games, but also spend a lot of time making them, too. Come see what UAT Game Studios has been up to this semester at the 2017 Summer Greenlight Celebration, an event for UAT to acknowledge the fantastic work of its students. Greenlight is a celebration of games, where students demonstrate the games they’ve been working on for the last semester to fellow students and to the public. The Greenlight Celebration takes place on Aug. 18, from 5-7 p.m. in the UAT Theater and Commons area. The UAT Game…

  • Global Game Jam awards

    Summer Game Jam at UAT

    UAT Game Studios is hosting a summer Game Jam at UAT on July 7-9, to power up the level of energy and productivity around campus. Game Jams unfold quickly in just 48-hours, giving developers a deadline of completion. UAT Professor Ben Reichert is a huge advocate for Game Jams and students starting their own indie game studio. Game Jams are held at UAT multiple times a year usually producing some really awesome games. Some notable past Game Jam winners have been Whiskered Away, Couch Game, Happy Skies and Crimson Nights, which have all seen further development. How does a Game Jam work? We spoke…

  • Student Innovation Project Fair at UAT

    Students Present Semesters of Work at Student Innovation Project (SIP) Fair

    The UAT Student Innovation Project (SIP) Fair for student innovation is a showcase of semesters of hard work and innovative ideas. In preparation of this presentation, students research opportunities and overcome challenges as they strive to innovate new ideas and products that aim to bridge gaps within their fields and outside industries. Students are coached and supported throughout the process and they learn to question their concepts and develop skills to move their projects forward. The upcoming SIP Fair for this Summer 2017 semester takes place on August 8, in the UAT Theater. It is an all-day event, starting at…

  • DEF CON 25

    See UAT’s Booth at DEF CON 25

    Once the Black Hat Briefings come to an end, some UAT student volunteers will report as workers at DEF CON! Because both security conferences fall on the same week, in the same city, many people attend both Black Hat and DEF CON. UAT has a large presence at DEF CON with a huge booth located at Caesar’s Palace where attendees can learn more about cyber security, our bachelor and master’s degrees and check out some cool, nerd swag. DEF CON is more edgy than Black Hat, as it was created in 1993 by a core hacker group who wanted to…

A New Take on Snake

Mar 12, 2017

When you can take what’s existing and find a new way to express it, change it, and build it to create new solutions, that’s innovation. And that’s what UAT student Andrew Weisenberger (Robotics and Embedded Systems major) did. He took the classic video game concept Snake, where the player maneuvers a line that grows in length, and developed his Student Innovation Project as its base. These comprehensive student projects at UAT are a state school’s equivalent of a master’s thesis but are way more fun and end up being leading projects in each student’s portfolio when they graduate and enter the workforce. …

Bird’s Eye View

Mar 11, 2017

Students and professors gather in The Commons, the electrifying hub on the UAT campus. Whether they’re working or playing, they’re having a good time either way. UAT’s central Commons is outfitted with an abundance of computer workstations and an extensive technology infrastructure. Student and faculty learning and resource areas are designed to foster working in collegial groups, providing flexibility and much needed access to technology. An extensive library, social areas for students, the UAT Café, UAT student tutors and support staff are adjacent to enhance student life and collaborative learning. Link to this post!

Safety First!

Mar 11, 2017

UAT student Garrett Tidd (Robotics and Embedded Systems) uses the heat shrink machine in the Robotics Lab to coat exposed cables to prevent the risk of being shocked. One of the many safety protocols and procedures in place to ensure the safety and security of all students, faculty and staff. Nothing is as important as the safety and security of all members of the UAT community.  For more about UAT’s commitment to your safety, visit uat.edu/campus-security Link to this post!

Art and Technology in Sync

Mar 10, 2017

UAT students coach ballet dancers with Ballet Arizona on motion capture techniques as they film their graceful, fluid dance moves. (Killian Davies, Jackson Dwyer, Ethan Price, Kenna Draxton, Josh Milano, Joel Albiter, Khirey Sumerall, and Amber Lewis) At this technology University, digital video and game design students gain experience in tracking and capturing live human motion, and applying those motions to digitally created characters and/or models. Often described as the Juilliard of technology, UAT recognizes the correlation between the art of dance and the art of technology. By offering a half-tuition scholarship to current Ballet Arizona dancers, we are opening…

Learning the Art of Character Creation

Mar 9, 2017

UAT student TJ Tapia (Game Art and Animation major) is working with advanced software programs in The Commons to create his character for Advanced Game Character Creation class (GAA440) taught by Professor Lynn Understiller. He’s applying his artistic knowledge and using a critical artistic eye—skills he’s learning in class—and is well on his way to becoming a skilled character modeler.  He and other students apply the techniques they learn to create hyper realistic game characters, creatures and vehicles used for Triple-A titles. Anatomy, automotive design and anthropomorphic creature construction are emphasized in this course. uat.edu/gaa Link to this post!

From software engineer to global entrepreneur

Mar 8, 2017

Meet Merritt Graves, UAT alumnus whose software engineering passion expanded into many areas of technology that today are best represented by UAT’s Business Technology and Digital Maker and Fabrication degrees. He’s earned rock star status as Vice President at Cerberus Capital Management, L.P., one of the world’s leading private investment firms in New York City. It all began when his high school teacher connected him with CAD classes and ultimately to UAT. uat.edu/mgraves Link to this post!

Time to Renew & BBQ

Mar 7, 2017

UAT Resident Assistants (RAs) Jenn Taflin and Killian Davies grill burgers and hot dogs for Founder’s Hall residents who gathered for a cookout and hacky sack to celebrate another semester of campus life fun! Founder’s Hall is the center of UAT’s vibrant Residence Life Community. Situated right on campus, Founder’s Hall is just one minute across the quad from your classes and is the perfect complement to the UAT classroom experience. Learn more about life on campus. uat.edu/housing Link to this post!