May 24, 2017

Digital Video Student Attends German Film Festival

Jordan Wippell at SEHSÜCHTE Film Festival

In April, UAT Digital Video student Jordan Wippell flew to Potsdam, Germany to attend the SEHSÜCHTE 45th International Student Film Festival. Jordan had an amazing opportunity to showcase a music video called “Erase” that he produced for the band They Might Be Giants. The music video was originally a submission to a Facebook contest - the band selected Jordan’s as their favorite and used it as their official music video. What a cool beginning for a young filmmaker! Jordan has entered “Erase” in many film festivals around the world and decided to enter the SEHSÜCHTE International Student Film Festival, as well. At SEHSÜCHTE, They Might Be Giant’s…

Jordan Wippell: Music Videos, Short Films and Plans For the Future

Jordan Wippell visiting Hollywood

Jordan Wippell is a Digital Video student at UAT who has kept himself quite busy submitting his work to film festivals and video contests. He is also known to ask directors if he can offer an extra hand behind the scenes to get tips from a professionals point of view. As a filmmaker, you are grateful for each opportunity to produce a film, but most filmmakers have few opportunities to work with one of their favorite bands, but now 21-year-old Jordan can say he has. He heard of a video contest for They Might Be Giants through the band’s Facebook…