May 27, 2017

UAT Professors Teach Technology To Seniors In Tempe

Professor Fuentes with Seniors at Tempe Library

Local Technology University Offers iPad Instruction To Senior Citizens Senior citizens who feel like today’s technology has left them behind have an opportunity to catch up! This summer, University of Advancing Technology (UAT) Professors Angel Fuentes, Matthew Marquit, and Yvonne Watterson are teaching free technology classes on iPad instruction to seniors at four Tempe Public Library locations. Tempe Tech Classes are geared for residents age 50+, who have little experience with computers and want to learn how to use an iPad. Classes hold up to 10 people and will run through Aug. 19, 2015. iPads will be provided for classroom…

Swÿp Technology Jumps Devices


Natan Linder, a PhD student in the Fluid Interfaces group at the MIT Media Lab and undergraduate researcher Alexander List have created a very clean, easy to use, user interface concept they call Swÿp–pronounced “swipe”—that allows users to drag files from the phone to the computer swiping their finger. It is an open source software, “cross-app, cross-device data exchange using physical ‘swipe’ gestures,” as they write on their website. It is such a cool concept that people wonder why it has not been invented before. Swÿp gathers information from your phone and iPad’s approximate location and account details, then ties…