May 27, 2017

Animation at UAT | Fruition of the Damned – Book 1: Prelude to Rapture

Fruition of the Damned Web Comic Series

UAT alumni and valedictorian Nicholas Azevedo has created an awesome web comic series entitled, “Fruition of the Damned: A World’s Tale,” which is a character-driven fantasy saga that follows four brothers who come of age in the wake of a global tragedy, sealing their fates in a quest for ultimate revenge. This masterpiece features an in-depth story line, original artwork and interesting characters. We loved the comic and wanted to find out where Nicholas and his team came up with the idea. Find out more in our interview with Nicholas below. What was your major at UAT? (Congrats on being…

Advanced Character Modeling and More!

Advanced Character Modeling

Students often use the pipelines and techniques developed in the Advanced Character Modeling course at UAT as a springboard. The character shown below was designed and created by James Scott a Game Art and Animation student. Scott has worked diligently over the past few years to perfect his character skills through the courses offered at UAT and taking advantage of every opportunity to study individually with faculty members, and has recently returned from the UK as our foreign exchange student. At UAT, faculty members take the time to mentor students who strive to be the very best at what they…

Advanced Character Modeling: From Concept to Completion


Students attending the Advanced Character Modeling course at UAT use the skills they have amassed in foundational courses to work out a complete pipeline for creating their models from concept to completion. The stylized and realistic characters shown below are both works created by Winston Powell, a Game Art and Animation student. Upon completion, students can rig and animate their characters through specifically designed courses which include hands-on training within UAT’s motion capture studio. Link to this post!Related PostsPhoenix Comicon Panels: Project Oddity Team Lead Harlan Whitfield To Discuss Experimental Art & Game Design Crimson Nights Team Lead Kenny Ryan…